First order

Pleased to announce that we have secured our first pre-order for a batch of LineSaver’s!

LineSaver – first use!

Feels comfy.

The Resqdevices Core Team welcomes Mike Goldberg

The ResQ core team:
Mike Goldberg – MD St Judes Aust/NZ
John Udy – senior engineer
Roger Price – paramedic & inventor
Michael Potas – Former Head of R&D @ Nanosonics, now with Guided Knowledge

ResQdevices has teamed up with leading Sydney designers D+I

ResQdevices has teamed up with leading Sydney designers D+I to take the LineSaver to the next level.

Among other things, D+I was part of the team that created the submarine that took James Cameron (Director of Avatar, Aliens & Titanic) 11 kilometers underwater to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

EMSWorld News Article!

Washington DC—Roger Price of ResQdevices, a paramedic of 18 years, has revealed the “ParaCart” to a high powered DC audience.

“The 1776 Challenge Cup takes promising entrepreneurs from all over the world and links them up with investors & influencers” said Mr Price. “It was great to be able to represent Paramedics & EMT’s in a forum like this. Many in the audience were surprised to hear that we were the most injured profession.” [Click to continue reading]

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Catching up with David Kilcullen in Washington DC

Catching up with soldier, author, anthropologist, counter-insurgency guru & fellow Aussie, David Kilcullen.

On stage at the 1776 Challenge Cup

Going into bat for EMT’s & Paramedics at the 1776 Challenge Cup in Washington DC.

RedQdevices at The Australian Embassy in Washington

CEO Roger Price has met last night with Ambassador Kim Beazley at the Australian Embassy in Washington as part of a US / Australia science & technology exchange.



Senior Trade Commissioner Cheryl Stanilewicz

With fellow entrepreneurs Hollie & Francis and Cheryl Stanilewicz (Senior trade commissioner)

ResQdevices heading to the USA

ResQdevices is competing at the 1776 Challenge Festival next week in Washington, DC and would love it if you joined us! Check it out, there will be thousands of tech visionaries, business leaders, government officials and promising entrepreneurs from around the world.

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