Injection Moulding tour – Moorebank

Touring the facility & picking up slack – massive injection moulding factory, Moorebank.

Fellow 1776 Challenge cup winners from the USA, Israel and India

Fellow 1776 Challenge Cup winners from the US, Israel & India.
Between us we’ve got a physio app, a anti-ventilator-acquired-pneumonia gadget, a widget that’ll detect bugs in half an hour from blood, water or urine & a replacement for Dr Google. And of course, the ParaCart.

American Cardiology Convention 2015

CEO Roger Price is presently at the American Cardiology Convention in San Diego presenting the ParaCart:

American conference

The Paracart is on the move!

Exciting news ahead – the Paracart is on the move.

Paracart on the move1

Paracart Update

Adding the power lift assembly to the ParaCart Prototype!


ResQdevices In the news –

ResQdevices Aims to Alleviate Lifting Injuries with ParaCart
November 17, 2014 – By Melissa Steffan, Assistant Editor, 1776


Paramedics are among the most injured professions, and the majority of injuries come from lifting patients.

ResQDevices Founder Roger Price aims to change that. After working as a paramedic for 17 years, Price was fed up with seeing …...[Read more]



ResQdevices presents at the Challenge Cup 2014

ResQdevices presented the Paracart at the Challenge Cup and were successful in being selected to represent Australia in the final round of the competition to be held in the USA early in 2015!


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