The LineSaver story started when a friends toddler was in hospital for surgery.

His mother Kath remembers: “Hugh’s cannulas kept failing and needed re-siting 13 times in 5 days, by 9 separate clinicians. When he came back from his surgery he had a cannula in each arm & leg, just so at least one would keep working.”

This was very traumatic for the child, his parents & the medical & nursing staff involved.  

Cannulation is the insertion of a plastic tube into the vein of a patient so that intravenous (IV) drugs or fluids can be given.

It is one of the most important and ubiquitous modalities in healthcare.

Unfortunately, IV therapy is not without problems:

Cannulas fail for  a variety of reasons – direct impact, pulling on the fluid tubing, inflammation and infection.
The impact of failed cannulas in Australia each year:

LineSaver Benefits

Calculated cost savings of $26.10 per admitted patient which equates to  over $420,000 each year in a 250 bed facility.
Patients – decreased pain, fear and inconvenience – a better patient experience.
Doctors and nurses – reduced rework and improved work-flow, freeing staff up for more valuable work.

LineSaver: comfort, Protection + Visibility for cannulas in the arm and hand.


  • Hinged body allows the LineSaverTM to fit to most cannula sites on the hand & forearm
  • U channels trap the fluid line, which prevents tension or movement of the line from being transmitted to the cannula
  • Soft air-filled PVC skirt sits against the patient’s skin for comfort
  • Less patient stress – the cannula is protected and thus reduced concern about bumping or pulling on the line
  • Clear polycarbonate cover allows for excellent vision of the IV site, a key factor in the early identification of complications
  • The LineSaver works with existing transparent dressings such as TegadermTM & OpsiteTM and existing splints
  • Will work with radial artery lines
  • Hinged lid allows staff easy access to cannula site
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • TGA approved
  • Easily cleaned ( 1 unit per patient per stay)
  • Fits a wide range of patient sizes

User Review” After 30 hours of use I rated the LineSaver 5/5 for comfort. It didn’t hurt or get in the way of anything. I’d definitely use the LineSaver again”.  (K, patient)
“During a recent shift I was requested to replace 10 cannulas within a single hour, and only two of these were for routine changes”. (ND, medical registrar)

In conjunction with one of Australia’s leading design houses (Design + Industry), ResQdevices spent thousands of hours, scores of clinician consults and a dozen prototypes to create the LineSaver. The result is a deceptively simple device that protects against impact and cannula loss while providing visibility & comfort.

LineSaver Instructions 

Click here To download the instructions – LineSaver IFU V 2.0


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50% decrease in line loss & sepsis, includes unit purchase cost

Includes: Cost of unplanned restarts (staff, time & equipment), impact of sepsis secondary to peripheral cannula use

Excludes: Extravasation (low incidence, high impact adverse event), Decreased risk to health workers of needle stick injury, Loss of medication (infusions may be interrupted by cannula failure), Calculated cost saving of $26.10 per admitted patient*.